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EnhancedFreelance is dedicated to making it easier for freelancers to move up in their career, earn more money and have more free time.


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Freelancing experts Thursday Bram and Jennifer Stakes Roberts want to free you from the constraints of the number of hours in the week and the mindset of just ‘making do’.

You don’t need a coach or teacher to tell you how to write an invoice or actually complete a project — you need clarity on the balance between cheap and effective marketing techniques, step by step instructions on creating an newsletter that turns clients into raving fans and the shortcuts to keep your projects manageable.

That’s what EnhancedFreelance is. It’s full of advice from our experience and other freelancers we’ve brought in. It’s a community where you can bounce ideas off one another.

Your Membership Gets You:
  • A growing number of teaching modules. Currently we offer: Specialization for Selling, Building an Email List, Creating a Great Blog, Connecting with Social Media, and Building on Your Expertise. Not only do we add new modules on a regular basis, but we update each module with new material to keep up with the fast-changing world of freelancing. Modules include teaching pages broken down into handy topics, worksheets, interviews with successful freelancers so you can learn from their unique perspective, product reviews and other relevant information.
  • A brand new ebook library with ebooks from Thursday Bram, Jen Stakes Roberts and other experts in the field... all for free! The ebook library continues to grow as we find more materials that provide value to all freelancers, no matter what your expertise. Current titles: 'The Usual Error' by Pace and Kyeli Smith, 'The Freelancers Guide to Managing Projects' by Jen Stakes Roberts, and 'New Ideas on Old Topics', 'Time Management for Writers', 'Job Finding Strategies for Writers', 'Market Your Freelance Writing in 31 Days', 'The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Passive Income' and 'Making Money From Your Writing', all by Thursday Bram
  • Interviews with high-achieving freelancers, on specific steps they’ve taken to improve their freelance careers
  • The forum: a community of like-minded freelancers to share experiences and ask questions. Plus, we’ll be on there, along with other top freelancers we’ve asked to join us and discuss ways to up your freelancing game
  • Specialized information for implementing these strategies across a wide variety of skill sets, from web design to writing.
  • The opportunity to discuss all your freelancing questions with experts and benefit from multiple perspectives and years of experience.

Membership is $19 a month and you’ve got our personal guarantee that if you put in some hours on what we’ve got for you, you can make significantly more as a freelancer. Everyone is different and no two businesses are the same, but what you get back will be more than enough to cover the monthly cost of membership.

We’d like to note that these materials are geared towards intermediate freelancers. We’ve got resources for newer freelancers who need to ‘catch up,’ but the modules and other materials are written based on the assumption that you’re already comfortable with the mechanics of freelancing.

Whatever your freelance business, from graphic designers to landscape gardeners, photographers to writers, researchers to web designer, EnhancedFreelance is the resource you need to take your freelance business to the next level. We’d love you to join us.

What others say:

“There’s a good reason why such groups exist. Being part of a mastermind group exposes you to ideas that you never would have thought of on your own. And you’ll have a built-in support crew to turn to when things get rough. Better yet, your knowledge and experience can be useful to others… This is a new members-only site created by veteran freelancer writer (and FreelanceSwitch regular) Thursday Bram and Jennifer Stakes Roberts. Memberships are $19 per month, which ought to appeal to even the most frugal of freelancers.”

- Freelance Switch

“Getting started with freelancing is tough, but getting to that next level can be even tougher. Enhanced Freelance is designed for these intermediate freelancers, helping you make the leap from just surviving to actually thriving. Monthly membership is $19, which is a small price to pay for how much your business can grow with this new knowledge and online community.”

- Michael Kwan, Freelance Writer,

“I joined Enhanced Freelance, because although I’ve been freelancing for 6 years, I feel that connecting with a group of even more experienced and versatile freelancers will help me to up my game and connect with more of the clients I want. I was amazed at the wealth of information that’s already available on the site. There are great, detailed articles and worksheets on several aspects of running a freelance business, with more to come. I’m looking forward to seeing how the course and site develop  and to using the tools offered to improve my writing business.”

- Sharon Hurley Hall, Freelance Writer,

“C’est le programme idéal quand on veut développer et avancer dans son activité!”

- Céline Petit, Freelance Writer and Translator,

Who we are

Thursday Bram
“Depending on how you found me, you probably know that I’ve written a lot about freelancing for different sites, like and I even write the ‘Ask a Freelancer’ column on All that advice adds up to a few drops in the bucket, though, and there’s a need for a comprehensive resource on building up your freelance career beyond the basics.”

Jen Stakes Roberts
“You know when you’re in a room with some like-minded people and you’re all bouncing ideas off each other? You can’t get the words out fast enough to keep up?

Every so often you meet a person or a group of people who are totally on your wavelength and you have conversations where things end up happening. That’s how companies get started or inventions happen. Everyone is perfectly talented in their own right, but sometimes you get that extra spark when you put them in a room together.

EnhancedFreelance is all about creating a space where freelancers can use our materials as a jumping-off point, ask questions and test ideas to get that fire going.”

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